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Custom built to your opening
Sized to your exact specifications. You give us the exact size of your finished opening and we'll do the rest. You get a gate that fits, every time.

Welded construction
The entire gate forms a single structural unit. Our typical 12' wide x 6' high gate has 108 hidden weld points to survive the stresses that only the strength of welding can handle.

Powder coated finish
Maintenance-free, environmentally friendly finish. Available in a wide variety of colors. Powder coating is the best choice for your gates finish.

Concealed welds
The strength of welding, hidden in our design. Let's face it, the only person that wants to see welds is a welder. The clean lines of our hidden weld design are the look for the future, now.

Maintenance-free mechanism
Polytech hinge blocks are self lubricating. No more grease fittings, grease overflow or unsightly field welded hinges. Our added security blocks prevent the gates from being lifted off the hinges.

Custom design services
Send us a sketch and we'll do the rest. With full time CAD designers and years of experience, if you can dream it, chances are we can build it.

Superior quality hardware
Stainless steel hinge pins are one of the strongest available and corrosion free. Our Polytech hinge blocks are unequaled for quiet, clean, never seizing performance.

Cast aluminum finials and rings
We are constantly striving to build the highest quality gates. The plastic alternatives are less expensive but they just don't live up to our standards for durability.

Powder coated aluminum versus painted steel
Powder coating is now the industry standard in finishing. Since there are no volatile chemicals used, and the powder itself is not hazardous, it is environmentally friendly. With it's electrostatic application and baked on curing process at over 400 degrees, the finish is extremely durable. The latest powders contain UV inhibitors to provide consistent color and resistance against chalking or fading unequaled by most liquid finishing methods. With the completion of our in-house powder coating facility we will have complete control over the thickness (4-6 mil) and consistency of finish application as well as the curing process. In addition we have a sand blasting facility and chemical etching abilities to clean and prepare the aluminum for the best adhesion of powder to aluminum obtainable. When all of the finish alternatives are explored, powder coating is the obvious choice. Having the powder coating operation at our fabrication facility and using the latest available technology, was the logical choice to ensure we consistently deliver to you, a finish on par with the finest finishes in the industry.

If you are comparing our aluminum gates to steel or iron gates, be sure that they feature "hot dipped galvanizing after fabrication" construction to attempt to ensure that 100% is protected from the corrosive environment. Even if galvanized tubing is used for fabrication, every cut and weld removes the galvanized coating and exposes bare metal to the environment. Welds themselves are by nature, porous and hard to seal against corrosion. Any ferrous metals that are not hot dipped galvanized rely solely on the paint finish to provide protection against corrosion, and all of that is lost when the gate is scratched, whether it is hot dipped galvanized or not. After years of seeing rust starting to show up on gates within weeks of installation and witnessing the reduced life of automation equipment due to the added weight of steel gates, we decided to change to aluminum. The lighter weight aluminum gates greatly increase the life of hinges, rollers and gate operators, especially in high volume applications such as gated communities. Rust is completely eliminated with aluminum as well.